University Board

University's president Prof. Dr. Ahmed M. H. Abdulkadhim Al-Ghaban
Vice chancellor for scientific and postgraduate affairs Prof.Dr. Hayder Abed Dhahad
Vice Chancellor for Administrative affairs Prof. Dr. Hussein Hameed Karim
Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department Dr. Moayed Razoki Hasan
Head of the Civil  Engineering Department Prof. Dr.Hasan Hamodi Joni
Head of the Electrical  Engineering Department Asst. Prof. Dr. Montadher Sami Shaker
Head of the Electromechanical Engineering Department Prof. Dr. Hosham Salim Anead 
Head of the Chemical  Engineering Department Prof. Dr. Jamal M. Ali Al rubaye
Head of the Control and Systems Engineering Department Asst. Prof. Dr. Azad Raheem Kareem
Head of The Department of Production Engineering and Metallurgy Prof. Dr. Muna Khdeier Abaas 
Head of the Applied Sciences Department Prof. Dr.Rade abdulwahab ismail
Head of the Architecture Engineering Department Prof. Dr.Ibrahim Jawad Kadhim
Head of the Computer Engineering Department Prof. Dr. Alia Karim Abdul Hassan
Head of the Computer Sciences  Engineering Department Asst. Prof. Dr.Hassan Jaleel Hassan
Head of the Materials   Engineering Department Asst. Prof. Dr. Hussein Alaa Jaber
Head of the Laser and Optoelectronics Engineering Department Prof. Dr.Jassim Kadhim Hmood
Head of the Petroleum Technology Engineering Department Asst. Prof. Dr. Fadhil Sarhan  Kadhim
Head of the Communication  Engineering Department Assist. Prof. Dr. Afaneen Anwer Alkhazraji
Head of the biomedical  Engineering Department Prof. Dr.Wisam kadhim Hamdan
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