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University of Technology sign a memorandum of understanding with Al-Kafeel University to exchange scientific expertise

On Saturday, 11/18/2023, the University of Technology signed a memorandum of scientific understanding with Al-Kafeel University at its headquarters in Najaf City

The University of Technology was represented by the president, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ghaban with accompanying delegation, and Al-Kafeel University, represented by the President, Prof. Dr. Nawras Mohammed Shahid Al-Dahan, and the scientific assistant, Assist. Prof. Dr. Nawal Aiad Al-Mayali

The memorandum aimed to achieve scientific cooperation between the two universities in the academic research and training fields, in order to develop and support frameworks of mutual understanding in the mechanisms of the educational process

The President of the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghabban, said, “We hope to activate the role of the memorandum as quickly as possible, which serves the various aspects of students and researchers, and the next steps will be greater.”

He added that such agreements have scientific significant in the near future, because they help keep pace with all scientific and educational developments, illustrating; we are determined to support such initiatives that contribute to pushing the wheel of scientific progress forward

Then the delegation toured the university campus to inform about the most prominent landmarks and see the latest findings of this academic edifice of modern technologies in the educational process to keep pace with the progress witnessed by the world, smart and advanced electronic educational, and Anatomy Laps

At the end of the visit, the President Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghabban presented to( Prof. Dr. Nawras Muhammad Al-Dahan and the Scientific Assistant, Assist. Prof. Dr. Nawal Ayed Al-Mayali, and to the Director of the Al-Kafeel Center for Information Technology at Al-Kafeel University, Mr. Samer Al-Safi), the University Council’s shield

Al-Ghabban expressed his gratitude of this visit that opened the joint scientific and academic cooperation between the two sides

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